nitetime #1 CW station for FT 450D

outdoor #1 CW station for FT 450D

SKCC 16182

​​For those who have lost the code OR are interested in learning the code with some slow practice drop me a line.   Hey, its about FUN, this isn't a life changing decision here, I'm slow what!   Yep, 5 to 20 WPM is what we do. You pick the band........ I'm flexible or give me a call 10.125, or check link below or drop me a email.  I had been using a straight key and have now moved on to a Vibroplex Bug, now to a vibrokeyer now N3ZN-SN.  From SSB to Essb to CW, and everything in between........hey its all fun!!!  

Western Union Key and bug

outdoor #2 CW station for FT 450D