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14.058  7.058 & 10.120 CW

Around the House and property.

Amateur ShortWave Radio

​​Station W9RAC

Station Console View 

Here is my station. It consists of; Kenwood TS 990s,   Yaesu FTDX 101d, (CW) , ZN-SL CW paddle, Vibroplex bug key,  Acom A2100 amplifier,  Elecraft KPA 1500 SS amplifier,  Alpha 8410 amplifier, Alpha 4510A watt meter, PalStar HF Autotuner,  PalStar DL2K dummy load.. Audio gear includes Bellari rp520 preamp, DEQ 2496 Ultra Curve, Aphex 204,  2024P Virtualizer Pro.  The transmitter antennas are Mosley CL33-M beam (20,15,10 meters) , 160 meters half wave flat top dipole at 80 feet, 2X 75/80 half wave dipoles both at 80 feet, 40 meters half wave dipole at 60 feet, 60 meters half wave dipole at 70 feet, 20-meter dipole at 60 feet. Switching is accomplished by way of DX Engineering CC-8A  remote. A  EV RE-320, Shure SM7b, microphones controlled by a Radical Gold Digger, a cloud lifter. Sennheiser HD 650's and 140 wireless, are my headphones, Sony MDR7506.  JCR NRD 535 to eavesdrop on what's going on in the world.

I have had a fascination with Aladdin mantle lamps since I was a young boy. I can remember the “coal oil” Aladdin standing by in case of a power outage in our rural home in southern Indiana in the mid-1950s. My parents grew up without electricity and this was their only form of light a night, winter time the nights were long and the added feature of putting out around 5000 BTU was a welcome asset. This red example was only made one year, 1930/31 and it is completely original, including the Aladdin Whip-O-Lite shade, the blue example dates 1931/35, all original including the Whip-O-Lite four and coaches #144 shade. All rare and complete.   These would have been more costly lamps at $8.00  meaning you are the Jones' of the day. Having one would have certainly been envious as you can see from the original sales brochure.  Remember the depression is going on, kerosene is 3 cents a gallon but most rural folks can't afford it.   It is a completely natural draft kerosene lamp and is equal to a 65-watt bulb. Look closely you will see a third sought-after Aladdin in the background, an orange Aladdin vase lamp also all original. I like to burn these on a cold winter night also with the fireplace. What a great time!  Drop me a line if you have an interest in this, I do belong to Knights of Aladdin. I hope you can enjoy these as much as I do.

14.248 SSB