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I had a chance to make a trip to Dayton this year, had a great time. Went Friday May 15th and was escorted by Joe KB8QID and Loren WD5HIO. Joe is in the front (right), Loren in rear (left). I generally get a chance to talk with these two a few times a week, +/-  7.213 day or 3.806 evening. We always have a great time and Friday was certainly no exception. Two of the finest amateurs I have run across!! Stop in and join in sometime!!

 ​Most of the radio talking I have done has been on 160/80 meters.  I am just recently beginning to realize the possibilities of the 40 meter band in the daytime.   

We had this home built to our liking 18 years ago. It is located in the center of 15 ac of mature forest.  My antennas are running thru the trees giving me many options.  Since we are rural the receiver noise level has always been a NON factor here, S 2/3.

Living in a rural area we have many alarm systems, most are VERY loud, some are manual, some are not. This is one of the door sensors


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Do You VooDoo?? Here is my station. It consist of; Kenwood TS 990s, Kenwood TS 850s/DSP100,  Kenwood 950 VMSDX VooDoo 33, Yaesu FT 2000 (CW) Yaesu FT450D (CW),  Alpha 8410 amplifier, Ameritron 811H amplifier, Alpha 4510A watt meter, PalStar HF Auto tuner,  PalStar DL2K dummy load.. Audio gear includes Bellari rp520 preamp, DEQ 2496 Ultra Curve, Aphex 204,  2024P Virtualizer Pro.  The transmitter antenna's are, 160 meter half wave flat top dipole at 80 feet, 2X 75/80 half wave dipole both at 80 feet, 40 meter half wave dipole at 60 feet, 60 meter half wave dipole at 80 feet, 20 meter dipole. Switching is accomplished by way of DX Engineering CC-8A  remote. A  EV RE-320, Heil PR-40 and Shure SM58 wireless are the microphones controlled by a Radical Gold Digger and Sennheiser HD 650's and 140 wireless are my headphones.  And for SWL to ease things up a bit the AOR AR5000A+3 to see what the worlds up to.

73, Hope to hear from you soon!!

I am always looking for new contacts, people to visit with and discuss events or whatever subject is at hand. Please drop me a line and maybe we can hook up ON AIR, or if SWL give me a QSL email. 

Over the years I have managed to accomplish a couple of different Martial Arts styles, RyuKyu Kempo & Hapkido.... along with motorcycle riding,(started riding in 1962)...bicycling which I average 900 miles a year. at 66.  I've been retired for 8 years. I enjoy working in the woods and around the propery.

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I have been playing with radios for many a year.  Over that time I have meet many interesting people and have made many friends many who I would have never have run into otherwise. It's a great hobby!

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 You can find me generally 3.630 3.675 5.330.5  7.213      1.962 or shoot me an email for a schedule!

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