Remote camera view day with sound

I have been  threatening to do this for years, so here it goes. I have a plateau area at about 65 foot of elevation on a 200+ foot elevation hill behind my shack on my property. It requires around 300 foot linear run to get to the area, rotor cable, coax and the like. I have ordered the KIO Hex Beam with 20,17,6 meters to start with and a Glen Martin 18 foot tower, previously on a 9', a Yaesu 450 Rotor and cable.  I will install the Hex on the tower with a 10 foot mast, 7 foot of height from it. It will be up 16 foot with the Hex at 70 foot or so on the hill. Should be fun to see how it does at 80 foot effective height or so! I am prepping the area now and will have to build the tower and antenna on site, should be a challenge.  I will have to rely on my Arctic Cat  TBX 700 to be my mule for getting tower and antenna, tools , chain saw up to site. I hope to be ready for testing end of July 18.

Thanks for looking!

Hex Beam removal old tower

old tower

Project 2.0 will have extensive changes to the tower, coax, camera system. To be completed June 2019, work now started.


My only helper

August of 2022 Hex was replaced by a new Mosley CL33 tri-band beam & larger tower...super reports!

site view

300 feet of heavy duty rotor cable and coax made up ready to run.

New Hex location on Glen Martin 18' tower with 9' mast MAY 2019

Hex Beam Project 1.0/2.0

Hex into new tower, tree hoist

old tower

​Been getting great reports on 20 and 17 meters, working nicely. Also have done some local QSO on 6 meter.

Remote camera nite, infrared with sound

completed project is at about 70 elevation, 9 foot tower and 9 foot mast, effective height is around 85 foot.

​Look out 20/17/6 meters here I come!

site elevation 70+ foot

old tower