For those who have lost the code OR are interested in learning the code with some slow practice drop me a line.   Hey, its about FUN, this isn't a life changing decision here, I'm slow what!   Yep, 5 to 15 WPM is what we do. You pick the band........ I'm flexible or give me a call 7.117 or drop me a email.  I had been using a straight key and have now moved on to a Vibroplex Bug. If you need the WPM to be exact and perfect code sent to you for easier copy I'll use a keyboard keyer, From eSSB to CW, and everything in between........hey its all fun!!!  Special thanks to my CW mentor Bill WA4FAT who has gotten me back on air with CW and for having to put up with me!

outdoor #1 CW station for FT 450D

SKCC 16182

Western Union Key and bug

outdoor #2 CW station for FT 450D

nitetime #1 CW station for FT 450D